• Ryan Calleja Urry

Student Outrage 🚨 All BCOM First Years To Receive Automatic Fail Over Cheating Scandal 😳

😡 😡 😡

The new year has kicked off on the wrong foot for students in first-year BCOM, who have just been told that they'll all be receiving a 0 in their "Progress Test 1" due to a select number of students being caught cheating...

According to a strongly worded email that was just sent out, the Faculty are in possession of more than 43 incriminating screenshots from a Facebook Messenger Chat as evidence to back up the cheating claims.

The Email 😳

In the email that was sent out, the Faculty detail how they are "aware" and have "enough substantiated evidence of collusion in Test 1 & Test 2 for study unit EMA1008."

In their E-mail, the Faculty have stressed a number of points:

#1 - There will be a possibility of re-assessment, however, students will be eligible to not more than the minimum pass mark.

#2 - The mark of 0 for Progress Test 1 will be assigned to ALL students in the year.

#3 - If this happens again, the University Assessment Disciplinary Board will be involved.

#4 - If students fail to take this warning, they may be failed on the entire study-unit.

#5 - The Faculty have cited Regulation 44 (3) (c) & Regulation 44 (3) (d) in order to backup all of their above claims and warnings.

Hope For The Innocent? 🥺

For those students who simply studied for their tests as per usual, it is certainly unfair for them to receive a 0. Not only is it unfair for students who truly studied, it's also a huge deal for students who need a specific grade in order to be able to apply to Erasmus.

On top of this, it is also a situation which was caused by a small minority of students, with the majority of remaining students now being forced to suffer.

“I spent money on private lessons, didn’t touch my phone, & I’m getting a 0”

Students will surely be appealing non-stop to fight this decision, but unfortunately, the ending of the Faculty email seems decided, reading: "Please note that this decision is final."

Do you think this is fair?

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