• Corrine Zahra

Struggling To Juggle Working & Studying? 
Here’s What You Can Do

Why Study & Work?

Even though studying is already a lot, a lot of students still work on the side & there are multiple reasons why.

Some need to work to sustain themselves. Others want to start positioning themselves in their field of study by doing an internship. And others just want to start saving up.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of working students & many educators don’t realise that. Unfortunately, at times, our educational system doesn’t allow students to have a healthy work & education lifestyle too.

Juggling work & your studies can get overwhelming. Work can take up a lot of your time & when you’re a student, it can be overwhelming. You might start to feel like work & studying has taken up your whole life & you can barely keep up with a social life.


Life Of A Workaholic

Juggling work & studying can turn the best of us into workaholics. Suddenly you feel like you have no time for yourself, your to-do list is never-ending & the only time you feel you can relax is when you’re knocked-out asleep.

And the only 2 things that keep you going is your determination to not give up & coffee.

Being a workaholic means you’ve got insane work ethic & your productivity levels are probably high, but you can easily get too caught up with work & not enjoy living life.


Need A Break? Take It!

It’s better to slow down rather than break down.


Finding Balance

When you’re feeling that life is getting too much, make sure to take a step back, assess your situation, calm down, and rest.

If need be, take a break from work. Your mental & physical health are important - and so are your studies. You’ve got to prioritise well, especially around exam season.

Finding balance will take time since you’ll need to cut yourself some slack until you settle into a routine that works for you. And without realising it, you’ll manage anything that life throws at you.


Do You Manage To Balance Work & Studying?

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