• Zach Ciappara

Strikes, Drug Busts, & Sh*t Wi-Fi: 6 Things Every MCAST Student Can Relate To 😫

You can't run and you definitely can't hide. No matter what you do, school is back and it's here to stay. Instead of having a breakdown about it or getting a PTSD attack every time you walk into the front doors of your campus, let's celebrate the back to school season by reminiscing about all the things we missed and love about MCAST.

NOT. A better way at coming to terms with the new school year is to embrace the stress that is to come. Let's not cover our eyes and ignore the facts, instead choosing to make a couple of jokes about this crappy boat that we are all stuck in until it makes harbour in the port known as "Graduating".


1. Lecturers showing up late, but you can't

It's Monday morning. You have a lecture at 8am and have bussed it all the way to school just for this one 2-hour lecture. You are waiting outside your class with your friends as you wait for the lecturer to show up. 5 minutes pass. Then 10. 20. You walk to administration to check if they are sick, but they tell you that the lecturer in question is at school, roaming around doing God knows what. As you turn around to leave, you see your lecturer walking towards you, getting pissy as they see you about to leave the school.

But if you are just 10 seconds late to your lesson, then expect God's wrath to fall upon thee with the might of a thousand angry, tired, and under-paid suns.


2. All the drug busts

It wouldn't be MCAST if there wasn't the annual drug bust. Just like Christmas, this annual event is anticipated by all. Some with joy as they watch the police sniff around the school looking for all those pillies and baggies. Some with fear as they look around for the popo through thick clouds of smoke and blood-shot eyes.

If you wish to participate in this year's bust, please contact your local dealer and start practicing as the entry requirement for candidates is quite... high. Ha ha.


3. Late assignment briefs

Assignment briefs are an MCAST student's bible. They contain all the requirements that you will need to pass that specific unit, but to add a little bit of extra excitement to the whole ordeal, MCAST loves to give out these blessed briefs out a tiny bit late. Is it because it's entertaining? Could they be cruel & wicked and feed on the students' stress? Or maybe it's simply incompetence?

We may never find out the truth, but just be prepared to receive your briefs after some of your tasks are expected to be handed in.


4. Units missing lecturers to teach them

The one thing that a school must have is teachers. But what if the school doesn't have enough lecturers to teach all their units to all their classes. Look no further as all your questions will be answered. A common practice within the school is students finding out that they still don't have a lecturer assigned to their unit.

Maybe it's for the same reasons as the previous point or maybe simply a 2-month long scheduling error, just be cautious of this school-wide epidemic.

BONUS: Don't forget the yearly teacher strike, where all the students wait in anticipation for it to end, as it always does, with the teachers losing. But hey, WE SUPPORT YOU!


5. If you go to the Mosta campus, good luck going to any events in Paola

With so many campuses for MCAST to juggle, it's hard for them to host events at all of them, which means it's only natural that they organise most things in Paola. Other campuses do get various events such as talks and fundraisers, so they aren't completely forgotten about, but all the big days are in the south of the island at MCAST's biggest campus.

So if you don't have a car, good luck attending Freshers' Week and other big events.


6. The amazing Wi-Fi speeds

Walking onto campus feels like being transported back into 2007. Suddenly, images are taking 5 minutes to load, Chrome is giving up on loading websites and letting you play "T-Rex, Run", and God forbid you need to upload anything. And I'm not even stressed about MCAST reading this article, because I'd love to see them try and load it with all the gifs I'm putting into it.


When all is said and done, MCAST does offer courses and experiences that can't be found at other schools, but they truly make it hard for you to be thankful for it.

Tag an MCAST mate who can relate to anything and everything that we've preached here. 🙏