• Daniel Tihn

Stranger Things Season 3 Is Finally Here: What We're Looking Forward To

On July 4th, we will be returning back to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana as season 3 of Stranger Things lands on Netflix. The third part to the sci-fi and supernatural adventure will once again jump forward in time as we follow the young gang and their battle against any and all creatures from the Upside Down. While some rumours have speculated that this may be the final instalment in the thrilling saga, we wanted to look at the positives of the new season and everything that we are looking forward to.


Eleven & Mike

The main 2 protagonists of the show, the super-powered Eleven and nerdy Mike, have had a connection from the moment they met. Throughout the 2 seasons of the show they have gone back and forth as they try to come to terms with their young and confusing emotions until, in the finale of the last season, they had their first kiss. The new season promises to have more character development for the couple as their young love is only set to grow.


Chief Hopper

Ever since he appeared on-screen, Hopper has become a fan favourite for the franchise. His character arc has taken many turns, going from the chief of police to Eleven's adoptive father as took up a larger space of our hearts. Portrayed by the excellent David Harbour, anytime he is on screen, the scene is instantly better as he acts as the voice of reason to most of the characters.


Mind Flayer

Season 2's villain seems to be back in action once again as it tries to escape the Upside Down into the real world. Named after a mind-reading monster from Dungeons & Dragons, the Mind Flayer was seen standing over the school at the end of last season in a very creep fashion. This let us know that we aren't finished with it, and the trailers only confirmed it as we know he is looking for a new host...


More Numbers

Since one of the main characters is Eleven, that must mean that there are more numbers out there. Last season, we were introduced to Eight (a.k.a. Kali), meaning that meeting new super-powered humans is totally on the table. Kali may be making a return this season, but meeting new subjects is exciting as more and more characters give life to the retro-show.


Dustin & Steve

Both of these characters were favourites during the first season; Dustin the loveable kid and Steve the badarse who came to save the day. In season 2 however, the duo was created, forming a friendship that, from the trailers for the new season, still seems to be in effect. Their on-screen chemistry was always enjoyable, bringing laughs to the serious moments and an extra tensity to the scary ones.


Who & what are you looking forward to seeing this season? Tell us in the comments below 🍿