• Ryan Calleja Urry

Stay Tuned 😅 Freshers' Tab Currently Down Due To HUGE Response! We'll Be Back Asap 🙏

That Was Fast 🤣

Within just 2 hours of our brand new Freshers' Section going live, our amazing community has already managed to crash the servers.

Thank you so much for this incredible response, we're humbled. Please rest assured that we'll get the section back up and running ASAP. In the meantime, take a browse through our brand new and improved FreeHour Version 6. Here's what's new 👇


A Fresh New Look 😇

We’ve made some significant updates to FreeHour’s core features, including a newly optimised timetable UI with the option to show venues in the main timetable screen + an improved Tasks & Assignments section.

We’ve also changed the way you can add friends! No more Facebook or email needed, just search the name of anyone who you want to become friends with & add them with ease.


Thank You Vodafone 🥳

If you're looking to save money on phone bills this semester, check out our partners Vodafone who helped us to make all the above possible. Their new Youth Plans starting at just €7.99 for 10GB data & €11.99 for 40GB data + 400 minutes & unlimited SMS.

Be sure to check them out here!


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