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STATS REPORT 📊 88% Of Students Say Malta Is Handling COVID Poorly & 56% Unhappy Attending School 😳

Polls Report Time 🤓

Following a series of FreeHour Polls last week, which garnered over 15,000 votes - we're here to give you some results on exactly how students feel on the current Covid situation...

#1 - Is Malta Handling Covid-19 Well? 🤔

Firstly, we've got a pretty unanimous vote. Students seem to strongly agree that Malta is not handling the Covid-19 situation well at all, which considering our recent surge in cases, isn't actually too surprising.

#2 - How Bad Do You Think Malta's Peak Will Be? 📈

Up next, we asked you how bad you think Covid will get in Malta in terms of total case numbers. Unfortunately, most of you were correct in your guesses 😳

Considering it's been less than a week since we posted the below poll, and we're over 1,895 cases as of today the 26th - it seems like we're on track to get well over 2,000 cases 😭

#3 - Will Malta's Covid Situation Get Better Soon? 🤞

Hopefully, you guys are wrong on this one. Another huge 88% of students agree that Malta's covid situation will not get better any time soon. In light of the recent new Mask measures - cases should at least stop spiking sometime soon though. We'll see...

#4 - Are You Happy To Be Going To School? 🏫

There are clearly some mixed feelings on this.

Were not sure if Quarantine passed the vibe check and neither are you guys clearly...On one hand, online school sounds great for the sake of convenience, but then again being locked up at home for weeks sounds terrible 😭

The Argument For In-Person Lectures:

Many students, especially those entering their first year, are missing out on their University / School experience at the moment. Learning is best done in person and as long as proper COVID measures are being adhered to, there shouldn't be any problems.

The Argument For Online Learning:

Attending lectures from the comfort of your home is very convenient. Many students feel much more at ease when following lectures like this, not only academically but even with relation to the reduced spreading of the virus. This is the safest possible option.

What Side Of The Fence Are You On? 🤔

Whether you're in favour of learning in person or online, one thing most of us can agree on is that the motivation for this semester just doesn't seem to be there 😭

Keep your head up fam, we'll get through this together 💙

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