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Start Your Journey Towards A Great Career At The Beautiful UM Campus - Applications Now Open! 😎

Time to take your education to the next level 🎓

The University of Malta (known as UM) is Malta's main university with a glorious history dating all the way back to 1592, making it one of the worlds oldest & most credible unis.

After serving the nation for over 400 years, UM has developed into a fully-fledged university with many courses available in all disciplines. They now serve over 12,000 students every single year, with alumni from over 82 different countries across the globe.

Student Reassurances 😇

The University of Malta has issued statements assuring all its students, local and international, prospective and continuing, that courses will commence as normal in the coming academic year.

Alongside this move, UM has launched their Brighter Days Ahead campaign, which aims to put students' minds at ease among the panic this pandemic has caused, emphasising that this new chapter of your life will be a fresh start that allows you to shine at UM.

Hundreds of local and international applications, from prospective students, have reached UM and continue to be received.

If you're still thinking about whether to apply or not, UM encourages you to submit an application, as they are truly committed to maintaining all recommended safety measures!

But What Should I Apply For? 🤔

Well, if you're unsure about which course is right for you, it's always great to seek out guidance. Thankfully, UM do offer advisory services for their courses - which you can learn more about here.

At the end of the day though, it's important to trust your gut and follow your heart - and choose a course that truly excites you. There are plenty of options, so while narrowing down your choice may be a task, it'll definitely end up being very rewarding if you do it right.

Here Are A Few Ideas 👇

Option A - Humanities / Social Sciences - Arts, Education, Social Wellbeing & more 🎨

The Humanities are one of the most varied areas of study at UM, involving everything from Languages, to History or Geography, to Psychology and much more.

This area of study rewards 'Bachelors of Arts' degrees. Here, the 'honours' type of courses are most popular, 3 years of a discipline like Anthropology or English for example, with a subsidiary subject in the first 2 years like Archaeology (for example).

Option B - Business - Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) 💸

First-year students start off on an equal playing field in this area, with everyone following the same syllabus. Before 2nd year though, students get to choose their end goal - with paths like accountancy, banking & finance, insurance, marketing and public policy.

Business courses are great for students seeking employment right after completing their course, as well as students who may want to start their own firm / company.

Option C - Science - Engineering, ICT, Architecture & more 🔬

The Sciences offer another vast area of study, one that's definitely worth exploring,

One benefit to these courses is that you get higher amounts of stipend, to compensate for certain equipment you might need for the course.

Also, a few of these courses also offer work-experiences during the summer months, which can offer some invaluable practical lessons that will give you a very real idea of how your course translates to a day-to-day job.

The computing / ICT departments also have the nicest buildings at UM, with top of the range equipment and a very modern aesthetic.

Option D - Health & Medicine - Nursing, MD, and Dentistry

One of the most popular courses here is the 'Doctor of Medicine and Surgery' which is a 5-year long course.

The first 2 years start off being class-based while the remaining 3 years are mostly practice-based in hospital, where you'll get much more hands-on experience.

There's plenty of variety in these courses too, with disciplines like nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, and more.

You can find all the courses starting in October here 🤩

How Do I Apply? 🎓

After you've assessed your potential interests and have a clearer idea on what you'd like to study, you can start applying in just 4 simple steps.

Not to worry, it's actually a pretty straightforward process! 😊

Step 1 - Visit the University Website, find the 'Study' Section & click 'Study at UM' 🤓

Step 2 - Read the page info, then click 'Apply now' ✅

Step 3 - Choose your course 📚

Step 4 - Make sure you have all the necessary documents at hand, and click apply!

Final Thoughts 💭

Going to university isn't just an educational experience, it's a social experience too.

Not only will you network with like-minded people that could end up being life-long friends, but you'll form connections that will help you tremendously in your professional career once your course is complete.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey and shine at UM.

Visit the UM website here ❤️

You can also e-mail them on info@um.edu.mt or call on +356 2340 7518 😇