• Ryan Calleja Urry

St Paul’s Bay Hospital For Elderly COVID-19 Patients Is Now Completely Empty Following Vaccinations!

Elderly Case Numbers Going Down! 😊

Health Minister Chris Fearne has recently confirmed that a St Paul’s Bay care home, which had been converted into a hospital for elderly COVID-19 patients - is now completely empty.

The "Good Samaritan Hospital" was set up for patients who had tested positive for the Coronavirus, while being in elderly care homes. It was set up last November with the intention of allowing residents to isolate themselves and reduce the spread of the virus.

While it was a great initiative, there were some unfortunate critiques to the hospital, whereby a relative of one of the patients actually filed a judicial protest against the health authorities regarding the inadequate health standards being practiced...


At its peak, Good Samaritan housed 150 COVID-19 patients. As more of the elderly began to get vaccinated though, the number of patients continued to decline.

Fortunately, in yesterday's press conference, Fearne revealed that there are no more patients currently receiving treatment at the hospital.


Meanwhile, only 35 COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment at Mater Dei, which is a stat that has gone down significantly from the 140 patients last month.

At the moment, 3 COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment at the ITU, along with 4 people who have recovered from the virus but still require intensive care.

Following today's relaxing of measures, we'll keep you updated as Malta's situation develops.


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