Prime Minister Announces St.Patricks Street Party In St.Julians Cancelled Due To Coronavirus 😒💔

Today at 3.30 pm, Tuesday 10th March, Prime Minister Robert Abela addressed multiple issues that are currently under debate as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

Firstly, he announced that schools will NOT be closed down, as some rumours suggested...

He also reassured the public that the situation is fully under control. He stressed the Maltese should show their traditional "kuraġġ" in the face of this virus, and that if the situation gets worse the government is fully prepared to take necessary precautions.

To reinforce the above message, Mr.Abela announced the temporary ban for all events involving more than 2,000 people within a public space.

So, this disqualifies the usual St.Patrick's day celebrations in St.Julian's from taking place, considering that last year brought out over 45,000 people who all celebrated the beer-infused holiday. However, private clubs, bars & events will apparently be allowed to take place...🤔


What do you think? Is this precaution a "better safe than sorry" or a big exaggeration? Let us know in our Facebook comments 😌

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