• Denise Perini

SPOTLIGHT: Denise Mercieca Tells Us What It’s Like Having A Child At The Age Of 19

Teenage Pregnancy

Girls & women are often judged for many of the decisions they make. Be it their career path or their own reproductive choices, someone always seems to have an opinion about women’s personal decisions & life.

That has never stopped Denise, who had her daughter at age 19 & was definitely, as she states herself, “a hot topic” when she was pregnant.

Now a nurse by profession who also juggles a marketing job alongside her dancing & singing career, Denise was a University student at the time she found out she was pregnant.

When you find out, it’s just a whirlwind of emotions…but I think my concern was my dreams, because at the time I really really wanted to travel abroad & study dance full-time.

The Media & Pregnancy

Denise opened up about the fact that the media tends to focus a lot on the physical struggle of pregnancy rather than the mental.

Despite the fact that physically, she was perfectly fine (with people even thinking she miscarried due to not growing), she suffered mentally. “There is this awareness about mental health postpartum, but during the pregnancy is where I suffered a lot.”

The lack of awareness about mental health struggles during pregnancy therefore made it even harder for Denise to tackle the situation at hand.

Judgement & Support

As a country, we love the daily gossip that goes around group chats & coffee dates. Whilst Denise was raising her daughter Ella, she felt this very strongly.

People used to take photos of her when out in public with her daughter & resort to gossiping about her as the “hot topic” on multiple group chats.

She does however say that her immediate circle of friends & family, especially her mother & sister were the backbone of her support. They were there at every doctor’s appointment & crying at every ultrasound.

It's All A Step By Step Process

One of the major things Denise has learnt throughout the process of motherhood is to take it step-by-step & not panic about it.

Mothers should be easier on themselves. There’s no right way of doing things, despite society saying there is. Sometimes you just have to do the things that apply to you the most.

Taking it slowly is key, as her daughter has aptly taught her. Indeed, one of the main things that Denise learned from her daughter Ella is to appreciate life. Adults Can be morbid at times, look at things from a negative point of view. Her daughter has taught her to look at the positive side of things more.


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