• Daniel Tihn

8 Awesome Activities In Malta That You NEED To Try This Summer 🌊

Exams are over. Results are in. It's time to look forward and start to truly enjoy your Summer (if you have resits then don't stress, you can still enjoy your Summer, just make sure that you are balancing your work and fun so you can actually pass). With so many things to do, so many places to see, here are a few things that you can do to cure the Summer boredom, heat, and sadness.

Most of these activities require a little bit of cash one way or another, so if your stipend simply isn't doing it for you, then maybe earning a little extra dough will help.

Camping 🏕

A classic Maltese Summer activity, camping is at the top of our list. Camping is an awesome way to spend a couple of nights out with the crew, hanging out, drinking beers, and breaking your back as a rock stabs you in your spine for the whole night. With a bunch of viable and beautiful campsites around the island, the options are limitless, but if you are going to be camping on a beach make sure to get permission from the local council (or don't, we won't be the ones getting in trouble).

Scuba Diving

Since we live on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, it's time to take advantage of that by going for a quick dive and viewing some underwater landscapes. While scuba diving is quite a common activity in certain circles, a lot of people say that they would love to go but actually never do. Why wait until you go abroad to do it when there are a myriad of beautiful aquatic spots to go an explore right in your back garden.

Jet Skis

Money doesn't buy happiness, yet have you ever seen someone cry on a jet ski? I thought not. Putting the money into renting a jet ski for an hour is always worth it. One of the most fun activities out there, you can feel like a king on the sea as you ride around feeling like Poseidon himself. With multiple beaches that have jet ski rentals, go knock yourself out (not literally, that would be dangerous).

Bonus: If a political and economic meltdown does occur during your jet ski session, you could try and commodore a boat and sail to Sicily or something.

Fast & Furious Inflatables

Being pulled behind a speed boat is both one of the most mental ideas ever, and also one of the sickest. Not only do you have to do nothing and just enjoy the ride, but you get a roller coaster like feeling while not having to wait too long in some hot theme park, and you get soaked during it, cooling you down even further. With different types of inflatables such as Bananas and Crazy Sofas, you can rent these out at Oki-Ko-Ki Banis Watersports and use our #StudentOffer to get 20% the ride!


If being dragged behind a boat on water doesn't do it for you, then parasailing may come as a solution. Strap in to a harness and let a speed boat pull you into the clouds as you soar above the beach and the sea, looking down on everyone as they turn into ants crawling across the sand. The wind will rush through your hair as you enjoy the sweet and silent peace of the high altitude, away from screaming kids, angry mothers shouting at the afore mentioned children, and cars zooming around right behind the beach.

Paddle Boats & Kayaking 🚣‍♀️

Speaking of peace and quiet, strapping yourself into a floating piece of plastic and going out into the sea hit the nail on the head. If you feel like being alone then kayaking is your best bet, but if you are in the mood to hang out with a friend, chat, and throw back a couple of beers (making sure you don't litter of course), then paddle boats will be the choice for you. Also available from a lot of different places, this water excursion is simple, and relatively cheap.

Surfing 🏄‍♂️

If you are looking for something more energetic and physically draining, then let's go catch some waves. With a few places to go, and a couple of schools that will help teach you how to surf, now is the time to start. Surfing has always seemed like something that you couldn't do in Malta, that you would have to go abroad, yet with all this water surrounding us, utilising it may not be the hardest thing to do. While we may lack the big Californian & Hawaiian waves, we can still make do with ours as we try to keep steady on our long boards.

Water Jet Packs 🌊

The future is now. This Summer, you have the opportunity to pretend to be Iron Man for a bit as you fly above water using a hydro stream to propel you upwards. These Flyboards can also be rented out in a sort of skateboard shape, making you feel like you have just got onto the set of Back to the Future 2 and as a true jetpack, fulfilling all your childhood dreams. The biggest downside to them is that the rides are a little pricey, maybe a little bit out of a student budget, yet the experience and laughs you get will sure be worth it.

If you are interested in taking to the skies (well, lower than that but you get what I mean), find more info here regarding prices.

If you know any other fun activities to do during the Summer, then leave a comment down below. ☀️