"So brokenhearted" 💔 Former Junior College Student Passes Away Shocking Family & Community 😞

  • Emerson Mifsud has unexpectedly passed away leaving his friends & family in shock.

  • Emerson was an avid table tennis player & huge supporter of Manchester United.

  • Emerson’s fellow classmates, as well as student organisation Pulse took to Facebook to wish their sincere condolences to the young man’s family.

Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of the loss of our student local table tennis academy Top Spin said in a social media post. “We will surely not forget your beautiful character, kind heart and your disposition to help others.

So brokenhearted,” one of his former teachers commented. “He was always gentle, sweet, kind, exemplary and a very smart student. He had a bright future ahead. Farewell, dear Emerson. You’ll be terribly missed.

Rest in peace ❤️

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