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Sign Up To Lava Rewards! Get 100 Welcome Points With Our Code 'LAVASTUDENT' & Save BIG 🛍

Saving Money Just Got Easier 🤑

We all spend money on food, clothes & tech, right? So, why not earn points on your purchases, and redeem them as money off your next purchase?

Enter the signup code 'LAVASTUDENT' on the app to redeem your points! If you'd like to get a more in-depth look at the brand and all the benefits you can receive, read on 👇

What Is Lava Rewards? 😲

Lava Rewards is a loyalty program which allows students to collect & redeem points from a total of 47 outlets across Malta. This long list of outlets includes a total of 18 top brands, ranging from restaurants, fashion, tech, home and much more. You can find them here.

If you'd like, you can get a physical Lava Rewards Card to use - ooorrrrr if you're more of a digital nomad you can just download the app and get the digital card.

Benefits Of The Newly Updated Lava Rewards App:

Easy to scan barcode Outlet locations at the tip of your fingers • Alerts for in-store offers and events Send & receive points to/from your friends and family Invite a friend and earn 100 points

Split the bill with friends/family Scan your receipts (if you forgot to present your card)

Receive coupons and take part in an official lottery

The process of issuing and redeeming points is an instant one, so you can treat yourself on a daily basis - or save up your points for a special occasion.

You Can Start Using Your Points Super Easily 🤩

For every €1 spent, you'll earn a different set of points depending on the type of outlet you're shopping at. If you'd like to read the exact point allocations, click here

For example, if you were to spend €100 at ALDO, you'd gain 500 points, since the exchange rate here is 5 points per €. Contrarily, €100 at Vechhia Napoli would earn you 800 points.

To collect or redeem points, all you need to do is show your personal barcode on the Lava Rewards app or use your physical card before payment is made.

A Warm Welcome 🥰

Want a welcome gift? Students get 100 points when signing up to Lava Rewards if they use FreeHour's official signup code " LAVASTUDENT " - just input it into the referral section when signing up on the app or on the website here 📱

The Simple Sign-Up Process ✍️

Here are your options:

#1 - Visit the Lava Rewards Website and register online.


#2 - Download the Lava Rewards App, via Google Play or App Store.

P.S. Don't forget to make use of FreeHour's exclusive signup code 'LAVASTUDENT' to earn your very first 100 points for free 😍

The Lava Lottery 🤩

Surprise! With every €25 spent at any of Lava's outlets, 15th October to 31st March 2021, customers will receive free lottery tickets to gain the chance to win some incredible prizes.

There are 3 types of prize categories, Grand, Monthly & Weekly. With every €25 spent you will get 3 tickets to participate in all 3 draws. Winners will be selected at random.

Grand Prize: One lucky winner will be announced at the end of the lottery. All lottery tickets collected throughout the lottery will be entitled to participate in the final draw.

Monthly Prizes: One winner will be drawn to win the prize of the month. The prize of the month will be announced on our Lava Rewards App and social media platforms. Tickets which will be valid for this draw will only cover those rewarded for the current month.

Weekly Prizes: We will be rewarding 5 winners on a weekly basis. Tickets which will be valid for this draw will only cover those rewarded for that current week.

P.S. only students aged 18+ may participate in this lottery.

Get Started Today 🤩

Start collecting points for shopping at the places you love and get instant rewards at 40+ outlets. Whether you're a shopaholic, a foodie, a techie or into DIY, you can benefit from a big stream of rewards...what are you waiting for?! 😅

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