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Should Euthanasia In Malta Be Legalised? Here's The Story Of 23 Year Old Local Sam Debattista ❤️

An Important Conversation 🙏

Amid Malta's current situation surrounding the legality of Euthanasia, we thought we would note the importance of having these discussions by highlighting a real story - a local girl named Sam Debattista who discovered she had Huntington's Disease.

If you weren't aware, Huntington's Disease is an extremely rare degenerative disorder that affects the nerves in the brain, progressively breaking down normal bodily function and eventually turning fatal. The disease is not incurable.


Sam's Story 📖

From a very early age, Sam had her whole life planned out.

At 3 years old she decided that she'd live a full life until exactly 100 years old, when she would die of natural causes. At 5, she turned to her mum and promised that when she turned 100 and they've both gone to heaven, that they'd find each other and be together.

Sam wanted to go to university, have 3 kids, and even become a tenured lecturer. Anything that took her away from these goals would immediately make her anxious...

Unfortunately, Sam's plan was derailed when she learned that her family had a history of Huntington's Disease. After taking a test with her brother, she discovered 2 months later that she would also develop this condition.


Sam's Message 🙏

Believe it or not, this story isn't as sad as you might think. While this kind of situation is definitely a painful one, it caused Sam to reframe the way in which she lives her life.

Sam's message became Multum Non Multa - which translates to Quality Over Quantity. The fact that Sam now had a time limit inspired her to change how she viewed the time she had.

"Your life will be the quality you live not the quantity of years you have, you will live so much more in your short time than most people live across their whole uninterrupted lifespan" - Sam's Mother


Is Euthanasia The Answer? 🤔

For Sam, it is.

Along her journey, Sam discovered a place in Switzerland called Dignitas, which was a place that offered Euthanasia options for patients who were suffering. Dignitas, like their name suggests, valued dignity for the people they treated.

They allowed their patients to go out on a high note.


Find Sam's TED Talk Below 👇

Do you agree with her message? 🤔


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