• Ryan Calleja Urry

Science Students Outraged As Extra Exams 'Unfairly' Issued For Bio, Chem & Phys - But Not Others 😢

Controversy Ahead 🚨

From time to time, students in our community reach out to us regarding problems or injustices that they may be facing with regards to their education.

Recently, many students are having problems with the decisions being taken by the mitigation boards of Biology, Physics and Chemistry - with regards to A-levels...

Unfair Treatment 😢

According to the message we received, the mitigation boards are discriminating against science students by proposing the addition of an extra exam paper to substitute for the now-cancelled lab practicals.

This might sound fine, however, the problem arises when you take into consideration that for PE, Geography, & Language Orals, no such extra paper was proposed. So then, it becomes a question of double standards, why should some get extra exams but others don't?

Not to mention, subjects like Geography even went as far to award full marks to their fieldwork which couldn't be carried out.

All subjects should be treated equally!

Help Your Fellow Students ✍️

If you want to make a difference and try help out, sign the official petition here 👈

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