• Ryan Calleja Urry

Schools To Open On The 28th Of September In Spite Of Latest Spike In Coronavirus Cases 🎓

Education Minister Owen Bonnici is insisting that things are ready to go for Maltese schools, which will be welcoming students to start their scholastic year on the 28th of September.

Bonnici, who was replying to a query by PN MP David Thake on Monday’s parliamentary sitting, said that the first day of school would take place as usual, with added precautions.

The reopening of Skolasajf & other childcare centres this summer was a success, Bonnici said, and the experience gained will help ensure that schools are reopened just as smoothly.

But wait, there's a twist...

The timing of Owen Bonnici's statement is somewhat unfortunate however, considering the fact that a staff member at Skolasajf has tested positive for COVID-19.


Parts of the school have since been closed off, while many members of staff as well as students have been asked to self-isolate and get themselves tested.

Look, we got through the first wave, we'll get through the 2nd.

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