• Daniel Tihn

Saving Stipend: A Quick Guide For Maltese Students

We have already looked at some fun weekend activities to help you save up some of your stipend, but what about all of the day-to-day problems that Maltese students suffer from? To make sure that you can get through this month in one piece, let’s look at some easy ways to save up your precious dough.

Cook Your Own Food

Something very few students know is that their very own homes contain actual food. Real, delicious, mouth-watering food that only requires a little bit of effort to prepare into a lovely dish for you to take to school or to eat before going out. This method usually saves up your money faster than you think, as buying ingredients is a lot cheaper than getting a burger that's probably way too over-priced (unless you use a FreeHour student offer of course).

Actually Go To Lessons

This may come as a shock to most students, but going to lectures is actually an option. Okay, okay, we all know how cool it is to skip and go hang out at NYB, but staying in school helps you save up doubly as fast; not only are you earning stipend but you aren't spending it either. You also get to learn about new and interesting topics, but who cares about that?

Leech Off Your Friends' Netflix/Spotify

Consuming media is everyone's favourite way to waste time and procrastinate as exams slowly loom over your head. If you want to listen and watch stuff legally, your best bets are probably Netflix and Spotify, yet this is gonna cost you around 1/4 of your total stipend so the best way around this steep cost is to use a friend's account.

Promise them that you will pay them, tell them that it's only for now, and pray that they forget you were ever using it in the first place. You are now €20 richer.

Put Some Stipend Away

When you receive your stipend, it may be a good idea to take some of it (maybe the €20 you are now saving on your music and TV) and put it away somewhere, a place that will ensure you won't spend it. At first, you may struggle with this chunk of money missing from your monthly wage but you will quickly adjust and adapt to make sure that you won't deplete all of it. The most important step of this whole plan is to make sure you don't spend a penny of the stashed cash.

Leave Your Wallet At Home

With so many students suffering from a common disease known as "impulsive purchasing", when you go out with your friends to chill or even when you go to school, leave your wallet at home. Take your ID card, Tallinja card, and Driver's License (if you have one) with you and leave all your loose change, cards, and cash behind you. Now, when you feel the urge to go on a spending spree, you won't have the cash to back up your decisions.

Get A Job

Maybe one of the best ways to ensure you start saving money is to get more. For the same reasons you should go to your lectures, you will be earning and saving money at the same time. You will have less free time, and you may struggle a bit more as you sacrifice your free slots to study, do homework, and go to work, but it will be worth it in the long run, especially in the Summer as you have all that free time and no idea how to spend it (Get it? Spend? Lol.)

If you are struggling at finding a job, then maybe this might help.

If you have any other solutions that help you save up your money, tell us in the comments how you stay afloat.