• Daniel Tihn

Ryanair, Malta Air, Air Malta: What's The Difference?

Owned by Ryanair, Malta Air is a new and upcoming airline based in Malta. The new airline plans to fly all across Europe and North Africa over their 60 destinations in 21 countries. But what about Ryanair, are they not gonna be present in Malta with their new airline? And is Air Malta still a thing or will that be disappearing too?


Air Malta

Air Malta will remain as a Maltese airline and will keep its focus on cargo routes, medium haul routes, and key routes to places like Frankfurt and London's Heathrow. Air Malta and Malta Air will run parallel to each other, avoiding any clashes in routes and destinations as Malta Air aims to take-over Ryanair's Maltese operations.

Both the Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism openly spoke positively about the new system as Malta tries to expand new markets such as Mumbai and India.



Since Ryanair is investing heavily into Malta Air, they will also be able to reach new markets and increase their already sizeable presence in Malta. The move from Ryanair to Malta Air should be completed by the end of June, which will see the 200 Malta-based crew move onto local contracts and pay Maltese taxes.


Malta Air

Well, Malta Air currently has a fleet of 6 Boeing 737s and 200 employees and Ryanair shall be registering 50 of their aircrafts into Malta's jurisdiction, the first one being registered on Monday night.

They plan to take over Ryanair's current low-cost routes as they slowly perform this transition, hand-in-hand with the Maltese government who have the right to veto certain things within the company.

Within the next three years, they also plan to increase those numbers to 10 Boeing 737s and 350 employees, which will ensure you and all your friends can actually book a seat near each other 😅


So what's next? 🤔

While Malta Air and Air Malta have stated that they will keep out of each other's hair, the new branding may come as a confusion between the 2 airlines. The Prime Minister stated, "We firmly believe that Malta Air and Air Malta can reciprocally strengthen each other in different markets”.

Tourism Minister, Konrad Mizzi, also said “Today’s agreement will take travel and tourism to the next level”, showing his certainty of the situation.

As Ryanair slowly makes the transition from their current fleet to a Maltese centred and registered one, they will be flying Malta Air colours on their planes in the Summer of 2020 ☀️


Currently the situation is still unfolding, so the only thing to do is wait and see until everything finally lands ✈️

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