• Ryan Calleja Urry

Ryanair Announces Plans To Restore Over 1,000 Scheduled Flights A Day Starting July 1st 🧐

Summer is...saved? 😲 Well, not quite yet, but we're getting there. Today, Ryanair announced that they're planning to restore the operation of over 40% of their scheduled flights, which amounts to over 1,000 daily flights starting June 1st.

The Rules Will Be As Follows:

  • All in-flight transactions will be cashless.

  • Queuing for toilets will be prohibited onboard, although toilet access will be made available to individual passengers upon request.

  • Passengers flying in July and August are to fill in details on their trip length as well as their address while visiting the country.

Now you might be thinking, "Well, Malta's airport isn't gonna be open by July anyway, so this doesn't affect me"... well, it actually might be 😳

We must do what we can to save Europe’s summer

- Roberta Metsola

Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola is fronting a proposal which would see Malta's Airport reopen to EU tourists in time for summer. Yes, you read that right ✈️

The proposal is being made by her EU political party, the European People’s Party, which would see multiple EU member states, including Malta, reopen their internal borders for internal tourism in time for summer.

Improving health protocols and standards can help slow or stop the virus, not closing borders indefinitely. A well-functioning single European market needs to be part of our response to the crisis.

The EU Commission will be making an official announcement on this issue tomorrow.


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