• Ryan Calleja Urry

Round 2 Of Vouchers Arriving This January - But There's A Twist 👀

In The Mood For Some Spare Cash? 😇

Following the huge success that was the original set of vouchers, which registered over €11.5 million in consumer spending - the excellent initiative is back for more...

After an announcement made by the Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association (MHRA) - it has been confirmed that an official second round of government-issued COVID-19 vouchers will start being distributed in Malta starting mid-January.

There's a slight twist though...

The New Vouchers 💰

Like the first wave of vouchers, this second round will be issued to support local businesses in these difficult times, so that they can start 2021 on the right foot.

The original voucher scheme was split between 3 vouchers worth €80 to be spent on restaurants, bars and hotels - and 1 voucher worth €20 to be spent on retail outlets.

Now though, there'll be a higher priority on helping retail outlets...

The new round of vouchers will now include €40 to spend on retail outlets, with the remaining €60 available to be spent on restaurants and other establishments.

The vouchers will also be split into lower denominations, and will now be made up of €10 and €15 vouchers. In total, this new initiative will cost Malta's government €50 million in funds.

Another Great Boost! 🚀

Hopefully, these vouchers will serve as a great start to the new year for our local businesses, helping to revitalise Malta's economy during this pandemic.

Also, some added cash is a lovely treat for students and Malta's community as a whole 🥰

New Year's shopping trip to Sliema anyone? 👀

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