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ROCS Group Is Opening Up New Positions In Its Growing Company - Apply NOW!

What makes ROCS Group so impressive is that it taps into so many different sectors yet it's always evolving and growing into a bigger and bigger business. Working for ROCS means being part of something big; a big company, a big team, and big big opportunity.

Now that we've established how big ROCS is for you, are you now ready to check out the availabilities?

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There's so many jobs to choose from!

Can you build and execute a bomb-ass social media strategy? If yes, you've just got to apply for ROCS' Marketing Executive position. Here's what you need to know.

Jobs Requirements:

  • Knowledge of social media analytic tools, social media platforms, & Microsoft Office

  • A passion for creative, visual storytelling

  • Understanding of the major marketing channels

  • Positive attitude, attention to detail & a professional, customer-oriented attitude

  • Excellent consulting, writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation & communication skills

  • Adequate knowledge of web design, web development, CRO & SEO


Job Requirements:

  • Collect, count, and disburse money, do basic bookkeeping & complete banking transactions

  • Update creditors/debtors ledgers

  • Reconciling & checking Travel Documents

  • Liaise with banks on any banking issues

  • Compile, copy, sort, & file records of office activities, & business transactions

  • Complete & mail bills, contracts, policies, invoices, or checks

Are you a qualified Makeup Artist ready to launch your career? ROCS are looking for a creative individual who has a keen interest in makeup who's also got great communicative skills. Technique is everything.

Job Requirements:

  • Be in possession of a relevant industry makeup qualification

  • Identifying customer trends and needs and providing relevant feedback to the Studio management

  • Establishing relationships with regular clients to better understand and satisfy their needs

  • Handling guests’ questions and concerns professionally and courteously

  • Carry out research on new products and services that may be provided using the INGLOT the Studio products

  • Promoting the range of makeup products and services of the INGLOT the Studio to all clients

  • Be in possession of a minimum of an O’ level standard of education

Love hanging out with kids? ROCS has the perfect job where you get to interact & have fun playing with kids! Here's why you should be a Kids Area Attendant.

Job Requirements:

  • Interacting with and entertaining children who are making use of the area at any given time

  • Providing care to children including contacting the parent or guardian to change soiled diapers, cleaning soiled clothing and accessories, attending to their personal needs, and similar needs

  • Developing & implementing activities for the children

  • Ensuring that a safe, fun, and interactive environment is provided to children using the kids’ area

ROCS provides quality services and assistance to clients by finding and employing the best-suited candidates for each role. When you're working within a great team, what could go wrong with ROCS?

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