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Robert Abela Makes Promising Comments On The Possible Legalisation Of Euthanasia 👀

Officials Getting Involved 👇

After a recent interview on ONE, Prime Minister Robert Abela has made a number of comments about several hot topics, ranging from marijuana legality to even the legalising of assisted suicide, or Euthanasia.

As it stands, assisted suicide is considered illegal in Malta. Believe it or not, the act is actually punishable by an astonishing 12 years in prison. Even more surprising? The withdrawal of treatment, which is a form of passive euthanasia, is legal.

According to a 2016 survey, an impressive 90.2% of doctors registered in Malta are against the introduction of euthanasia.

When making his comments, Robert Abela made reference to a public appeal made by Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef - regarding a national discussion on the topic of euthanasia.

This appeal came following a personal situation, whereby Daniel dealt with his own father battling against a serious illness before eventually passing away.

While Abela didn't commit to a position on either side of the fence, he did say that it was time for the issue to be addressed immediately, despite its controversial nature.

An Ongoing Discussion 🗣

FreeHour also made a strong point on the topic of euthanasia recently, when we highlighted the powerful local story of Sam Debattista - who suffers from a fatal disease which is known as Huntington Disease.

You can read the full story here 👈

Think Of Those In Need 🙏

While this is always a controversial topic, and a decision that needs to be taken very very delicately - it is important to at least face the problem. As our prime minister himself said on national television - the discussion has been swept under the rug for far too long.

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