• Ryan Calleja Urry

RESULTS ARE IN 🗣 81% Of Students Say They're Unprepared For A-Level Sessions Happening This Week 😳

Some pretty opposing opinions on this one 👀

This week, we asked our audience a few school-related questions on our Instagram stories, below are a collection of about 7,000 total votes, as well as almost 100 dedicated question replies - the below is exactly how our community feels about the future of schools.

Full Steam Ahead 😫

First and foremost, 77% of students are unhappy that A-levels are taking place in general.

This 77% majority vote fits into 2 main categories:

#1 - Students that believe exams should happen, but also believe that the suggested precautions are not enough to stop the spreading of COVID.

#2 - Students that think regardless of precautions, these events are simply too dangerous in terms of possibly endangering vulnerable families.

We Didn't Even Get A Summer 😢

In slight contrast to the previous results, we have more equal voting when it comes to schools reopening.

We must keep in mind, however, that if cases don't cool down, the upcoming school year will be just as dangerous as exams are right now - if not worse.

Certain measures like UM's shift towards online learning are a little reassuring though...

Prepared For The Worst 😒

Being ready for an exam? Good one 😅 That's for lunatics that pour milk before cereal.

While I'm sure that this 81% does come from some people's self-deprecating exaggerations, it definitely hasn't been an easy year to study for your A-levels.

If only there was some way you could get a good grade, 👉 without having studied 👈..?

Nah, impossible.

Student Suggestions 🗣

We love hearing what our community has to say, so apart from just polls, we also decided to pose a proactive question...the answers were divisive, to say the least 👇

The above, as well as the many many unincluded replies we got, can be summarised in 3 main points:

#1 - A lot of students feel that lectures should take place fully online, to minimise the risk of spreading the virus and protect the vulnerable.

#2 - Contrarily, lot of students think that schools can re-open, however they've suggested strict precautions in order to safeguard our health.

#3 - Many interesting ideas are being discussed, such as forcing all students & staff to get tested before the semester starts, or introducing perspex dividers into classrooms.

Again, stay patient guys 🙏

We understand that the uncertain future can be anxiety-inducing, we hear you. Stay positive though, most good things don't come from panic 😌

Make sure you all stay safe if you have exams starting this week. Don't wait in groups, follow all regulations, sanitise regularly - and focus on getting your grades!

Good luck 😇

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