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Reduce Exam Stress & Boost Your Daily Mood With Malta's Brand New Portable Aromatherapy Brand 🌺 ☮️

Surprise! Scents have been scientifically proven to affect your mood 😲

Lucky for you, internationally renowned MONQ is now in Malta, offering their natural healing aromatherapy flavours alongside their rechargeable diffuser with speedy delivery 😇


Beautiful Benefits Of Aromatherapy 😍

What even is Aromatherapy? In short, Aromatherapy works by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which then send signals to your nervous system that improve your mood.

In other words, think of aromatherapy as food for your brain. When you eat a good pizza, it tastes amazing & leaves you feeling super satisfied - similarly, aromatherapy 'tastes' great AND leaves you feeling happy, calm & relaxed 😎

Want some science to back up these claims? Aromatherapy is a real way of feeding your body essential nutrients, one's that you would usually get in nature - but would never get in a house or suburban city environment.

There are also many other benefits apart from calming people that may have anxiety symptoms, Aromatherapy is also great for boosting productivity as well as helping with sleep.


The MONQ Mission ❣️

After decades in the surgical theatre, MONQ’s founder, Eric Fishman, M.D., wanted to affect change on a greater scale. To do this, he focused his attention towards TDS, which stands for Terpene Deficiency Syndrome.

Back in the day, our ancestors were surrounded by plants, these plants regularly emit Terpenes - aromatic molecules that naturally soothe the mind & body.

Unfortunately, the rise of industrialization has disconnected people from these essential terpenes. So much so that the rise in the incidence of stress, anxiety, sadness, and discontent may very well be a result of Terpene Deficiency Syndrome.


Their Range Of Amazing Aromas 👃

Vibrant ⚡️

Want more energy and motivation? Feel empowered & inspired with Vibrant.


Ocean 🌊

Wanna get away & escape the day-to-day? Experience the calming sea with Ocean.


Zen ☮️

if you get stressed easily, this flavour is definitely for you. Boost your mood & relax with Zen.

You can find official information about flavour ingredients here ❣️


Order Details & Discounts 💸

All MONQ products are doctor-approved.

You can use the code “HAPPY5” at checkout for a small discount on your first order! 🤩

Browse MONQs wide array of products here 🥰


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