• Ryan Calleja Urry

Recruiting? Your Brand Can Reach 90% Of Youths With Malta's First-Ever Virtual Freshers' Concept 🤩

What's Happening This Back To School Season? 📚

As you may have heard, schools have been given the go-ahead to open by beginning October - the KSU Freshers' Week though, a week often used by brands to engage with students through physical stands at University of Malta, has taken a hit commercially.

Luckily, this commercial hit due to COVID opens up the opportunity for some new and creative online advertising, just in time to catch those students looking for part-time work.

P.S. Be sure to read till the end to find our platform metrics & client campaign results.

Your Brand's Chance To Stand Out Online 📲

FreeHour is launching Malta's first-ever digital Freshers' Month this October, whereby we'll be bringing together some of Malta's biggest brands to form part of this 30-day online event.

The event will take place through the FreeHour App, which will have a dedicated Freshers' Section that'll feature multiple brands and their virtual stands to over 21,500 students from Uni, Mcast & all 6th Forms on the island.

Your virtual stand will include the opportunity to promote your availabilities and open roles with engaging photos and text, whilst also linking students directly to your website, social media, and any other links which you'd like to promote throughout this 30 day period.

We'll also be incentivising our audience to use this section through the use of many unique giveaways & prizes, alongside a freshly developed in-app game that will bring thousands of students together to compete for a very exciting grand prize! 🏆

If your brand is interested in being part of this unique initiative, you're still on time! You can get in touch with our Head of Sales, Sean Abela by sending an email to sean@freehour.eu or by calling him on +356 7979 0522.

How Your Brand Can Get Involved 🙌

1) - Be part of Malta's first-ever Digital Freshers' - Get your very own virtual stand, for far cheaper than a physical stand - while reaching every single school in Malta, instead of just one physical location - for a total of 30 full days. This new & unique concept will be heavily promoted to our student audience as the go-to place for everything Freshers' related.

2) - Reach Malta's youth through our loyal audience - Our community is made up of students & youths aged between 15 - 25 who are a prime demographic that need to make money during their school years. Using any of our organic promotional options such as Instagram Take Overs or Sponsored Articles, your brand will be positioned as a student favourite, converting into tangible real-life hires.

FreeHour's Latest Metrics 📈

  1. 21,500 Active FreeHour App Users, who each use the app 4 times a day on average.

  2. 18,200 students opted IN to receiving Push Notifications from the FreeHour App.

  3. 20,000+ total followers on our Instagram, growing avg. 350 followers per week.

  4. 1.2 Million impressions every week on Instagram.

  5. Average of 1,350 likes per Insta post & 6,000-7,000 views per story.

  6. 10,600+ likes on Facebook, with 10,000+ engagements per week.

  7. 30,000+ article views per month on FreeHour's Student Blog.

Some Of Our Star Clients 🌟

Over the last 3 years, we've helped practically every big brand on the island tap into a younger demographic. Some examples include McDonald's, Deloitte, Eeetwell, KeepMePosted, GO, HSBC, Motors Inc, Farsons, Lidl, The Point, Quicklets, Cool Rides, Bolt, Costa Coffee, Forestals, and over 200 others.

Here Are Some Past Campaign Results

#1 - Last year, when we had a far smaller audience, we partnered with Decathlon on their "Recruitment Day" event. This was advertised exclusively through FreeHour, and we managed to sell 70+ hard tickets. This was done through just 1 article & 1 social post.

#2 - Deloitte’s brand building & recruitment campaign resulted in 215,000+ In-App Banner Views & a 850+ follower growth in just the first 2 weeks of Freshers’ 2019, resulting in many student applications for their open roles.

#3 - Lastly, we made history with San Andrea Secondary School, who were advertising their open LSE positions. They usually opted for traditional advertising, but for the first time in 12 years, their available roles were completely filled up using just 1 article & 1 Insta post.

Interested? Get In Touch 👇

Have any questions? Want to set up a meeting to discuss what type of campaign would work best for your unique brand?

You can get in touch with our Head of Sales, Sean Abela by sending an email to sean@freehour.eu or by calling him on +356 7979 0522.

We currently are offering the last few slots for our Back To School campaigns, so be sure not to leave it until the last minute to avoid disappointment 😉

We look forward to working with you! 👋

sean@freehour.eu / +356 7979 0522.