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RECAP 👮‍♀️ Knife Attacks, Fraud, & Theft - It Was A Busy Week Of Crime For Malta's Police Force

Say What?! 🚓

Halloween really got to people this year, thank god the police were around to keep us safe. In brief, a lot went down, with over 23 major arrests occurring for various crimes 😲

Recap 😨

Here's a list of what went down, be careful, and stay safe guys! 👇🚨

#1 - Valletta District Police, together with Hamrun District Police and Immigration officers arraigned 5 men attempting to escape from detention centres.

#2 - Immigration officers arraigned 7 men over the faking of documents 😨

#3 - The Gender-Based & Domestic Violence Unit arrested 2 men in connection with bodily harm, insults, and fear of violence amongst other charges.

#4 - Zejtun District Police arrested 1 man for causing serious injury to a third party using a knife, not a very knife move.

#5 - Sliema District Police arrested another guy for grievously injuring 2 men with a knife. Someone really needs to lock up the cutlery drawer...😒

#6 - St. Julian’s District Police arrested and arraigned a man for causing grievous injuries to a third party, disturbing public peace, and carrying a knife with no license.

#7 - 2 people are together facing 5 and a half years imprisonment after they were found guilty of taking advantage of a vulnerable man and deceiving him out of €46,600, new levels of low have been reached 😠

#8 - A man was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of defrauding two people via bank cheques.

#9 - Police Drugs Squad arrested and arraigned a couple over the trafficking of cannabis & cocaine, not so dope 🌿

#10 - 2 men arrested and arraigned for damaging and stealing from a caravan in Mellieħa. Both were charged with recidivism, and one was also accused of driving a vehicle without license nor insurance.

#11 - A man was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of sexually harassing a woman on a bus, how he thinks he could get away with it on PUBLIC transport blows our mind 🤯

BONUS: Community Police Officers decided to cheer up children during this time by giving out sweets during school 😍 They later inspected many areas for suspicious behavior, finding several bags hidden which were filled with eggs...🥚

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