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Ready To Save Some Cash? 💸 Say YES To FREE Data Rollover On Your GO Mobile Plan! 📲

Ready to save some cash? 🤑

Whether you tend to be out and about / using buses, or maybe you're one of those crazy kids that'll be travelling this summer - having a good amount of mobile data available is an absolute must.

So, in light of that, we want to make sure you're aware of a new GO feature that changes the game when it comes to mobile data.

Before we get into that feature though, let's talk about a fantastic bundle you can use it on👇

GO's Play Youth Plan: "Double DAT"

This youth plan covers practically every area that students suffer from when it comes to phone bundles, plus the list of benefits is just never-ending 😅

Want to know the best part? Allllll the below features combined will cost you a mere €12 every 4 weeks. Yep, you read that right! Enough talking, I'll let the plan speak for itself...

The Double DAT Plan 🌟

  • Unlimited SMS to all local numbers.

  • 24 GB when part of a Home Pack community (16 GB standard data)

  • 200 minutes to all local & EU numbers.

  • Stream songs on any music app for free without burning any data with Music WildCard.

  • Auto roll-over of unused mobile data (find out more below👇)

The Data Rollover Feature 🤩

Didn’t know about it? Rejoice! This is one of the most popular features of GO’s prepaid plans. Whenever your bundle auto-renews in time, GO will roll the unused standard data over to the next month so there's no data wasted!

Your data will continually stack up month after month, all the way up to a max of 100 GB 😍

Gone are the days where you're forced to pick just 1 youtube video to watch on the bus, now you'll finally have options 😅

Mobile data stress is a thing of the past! Make sure to download the GO app so that you can top-up your plan on the GO ( pun intended 😅 )

You can also read more about the Double DAT plan and how it works here - it's a fantastic affordable option for students or anyone under 27.

Time to stream unlimited Netflix shows 😅

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