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Quick Facts You Didn't Know About UM - From Impressive Student Count To The Now Removed Slogan 👀 📖

History can be fun too 🥳

The University Of Malta, which has now rebranded from UOM to just UM, is the country’s leading academic institution offering a wide range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, leading all the way up to a doctorate.

Read on for a few things you didn't know about the university, as well as some important information if you ever plan on attending 🎓

A Trip Down Memory Lane 🖼

In 1923, the university's administration adopted the above coat of arms, along with the motto which was later removed, "Ut Fructificemus Deo" - which roughly translates to "We should bring forth fruit unto God".

The fruit I'd imagine, representing the educated youth and what they bring to their society.

The campus depicted above is the Msida campus we all know and love, however this wasn't the original campus. In fact, the first campus was located in Valletta, which housed the even older university building, which was constructed in the late 1500s.

The Valletta campus currently used to host events such as international conferences and seminars, along with a number of short courses and summer schools.

Quickfire Facts 😉

#1 - The University of Malta was established as a public institution in 1769.

#2 - The institution has roughly 11,500 students (60% female / 40% male). More than a thousand of those are international.

#3 - Around 3,000 students graduate from UM every single year.

#4 - There are close to 1,000,000 books at UM library, plus 60,000 research journals.

#5 - Counting all the available combinations on offer, UM has over 700 courses.

You can find the UM Facebook page here & browse courses here 👩‍🎓

A Wide Array Of Skills 📚

If you're reading this as a 6th form student, or maybe a Uni student that's looking to change courses, allow us to remind you of the extensive list of different facilities that UM has on offer.

There are 14 different faculties, 10 Interdisciplinary Centres and 20 Interdisciplinary Institutes - which cover a very long list of potential student interests. They've got some unique options too, like the Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics as well as the Institute for Digital Games.

Pretty cool right? 😇

For a local University, UM has garnered a very strong reputation throughout the ages as a reputable establishment, that continues to raise our youth & improve our society.

There's a reason it was once called "The Royal University Of Malta" back in 1937 ❤️

Hope you get to hear this soon^ 😉

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