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Quarantine Blues? BoozeWagon Deliver Drinks Directly To You & Are Doing A Mother's Day Giveaway 🍹

The contents of this article are strictly for ages 17+

Face it, you miss alcohol 😈

Being inside for weeks can be chill, but there is such a thing as too chill...

Where did the chaotic pre-drinks go? How am I supposed to buy a Mother's Day gift in quarantine? Wellllll...there's still a way 😉

Read till the end for the chance to win a super giveaway!

What's Up With The Wagon? 🤔

In case you're unfamiliar, allow us to fill you in. BoozeWagon is an e-commerce brand who focus on bringing you on demand delivery of the best booze around.

Their main products are their star beverages, but if you want some extras, they also deliver a tasty selection of chocolates, as well as a variety of mixers & snacks.

Their Liquor Library 🍷

Boozewagon are constantly adding new products & special campaign bundles to their line!

Let's start off classy. Their wine selection is actually very very extensive with whites, reds and Rosé / Sparkling options. So, there's something for the whole family 😅

When it comes to spirits, their selection ranges from the classic Smirnoff or Jack Daniel's, to the more exclusive Chivas Regal & Belvedere Premium.

Finally, some good ole' beer. If you love cracking open a cold one, you won't be disappointed with BoozeWagon's selection. And yes, for the brave, they even have Corona 😂

Delivery Details 🥃

Don't be fooled, BoozeWagon aren't just a great brand because of their products.

#1 - They deliver your full order of beverages & snacks in 35 mins or less.

#2 - They deliver every day to every locality, 11 am - 10 pm.

#3 - The minimum order is only 15 with a minimal €2.50 delivery fee.


Want to enter the official BoozeWagon giveaway?

Just tag 2 friends in the Facebook comments of this article & enter a chance to WIN 3 Bottles of the Limited Edition Baileys Strawberry & Cream! 🤩

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The contents of this article are strictly for ages 17+