Millions In Drugs Confiscated In 2019 - Is Maltese Cocaine & Cannabis Quality Lowest In The EU? 🤔

• FreeHour poll suggests 23% of students have tried drugs

• Purity of cocaine / marijuana / ecstacsy in Malta is very low

• Cocaine overtakes heroin as most used illicit substance

It's no secret that Malta's been dealing with a drug problem for a while now. The question is, how bad has it gotten? After a recent FreeHour Instagram poll regarding student drug use, we thought we'd answer that question.

According to one study of pre-treated sewage water, Maltese sewers contained as much cocaine per inhabitant as Porto, where drug use is decriminalised, and 10 times the amount found in Athens.

Also, apart from the overuse, these drugs tend to be of pretty sh*t quality... ↓


Potency & Pricing 📉

The Annual European Drug Report, published in July, found that Cannabis users in Malta pay some of the highest prices - but for extremely low-potency marijuana. In terms of Cocaine, Heroin and MDMA - the Maltese prices and levels of purity were both found to be among the lowest in all of the EU.

To be more specific, the report stated that Heroin in Malta, found to be sold at an average of €60 a gram, was at just a 20% purity rate, and Cocaine was at an even worse 15% purity.

Coke dealers are notorious for lacing their product with "filler" substances to save money, making use of substances like paracetamol, sugar and even powdered milk. It has even been reported that Valium can sometimes be used to enhance the high and make it feel more like real coke, making the mix of substances a very deadly one.


More People Getting In Line 📈

For the first time in the history of Caritas, the drug rehabilitation organisation, most of the clients treated for addiction in 2018 were dependant on cocaine.

Out of the 738 people who attended Caritas for help with a drug addiction last year, 23% were habitual users of cannabis, another 31% had a heroin dependency and 41% had a cocaine dependency, This means that cocaine has now officially overtaken heroin.

Before 2019, the year in which most drugs were confiscated was 2018, 184.7 kilograms of cocaine were confiscated, amounting to a value of €18 million. Also, a further 15,922 kilograms of cannabis were seized, amounting to a value of €28.5 million.

This level of drug use isn't slowing down either, in fact, it's getting worse. This year, the highest amount of cocaine was confiscated between January and April alone, where over 750 kilograms of cocaine were seized, amounting to a total value of more than €86 million.

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Advice For Students 🤔

I'm not gonna give you the usual don't do drugs speech because you've heard it already.

What I will say is be aware that you aren't taking what you think you're taking. Pills and Coke are constantly laced and tampered with, especially in Malta. You might think it's pure because of your dealer's freshly imported Christmas offer but trust me it's not.

Some of the most notorious drug communities in the world barely have pure substances, so your local Paceville dealer definitely doesn't. He doesn't.

Apart from that, remember that these habits are a downward spiral. You'll start off doing one line or pill a month, until that isn't enough anymore. Then it's two, then it's six, then you're f*cked. If you're going to play with this kind of fire you have to exercise a very high level of conscious control otherwise it consumes you and you end up as just another statistic.

dont do drugs


If you'd like to help yourself or someone close to you - contact the Health and Wellness Centre located right on the University of Malta campus by calling +356 2340 3988 or sending an email.

If you think your friend or a family member is developing a problem, it might be time to seriously sit them down and express your concern.

Treat these things seriously and take action.

Again, +356 2340 3988 or send an email.