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PS5 RECAP: Sony Reveal PS5 Price, Release Date, Long List Of Highly Anticipated Games & More 😱 😍

Some Huge Announcements 🎮

Last night, Sony hosted a jam-packed 47-minute presentation for their PS5 reveal event, announcing some highly-anticipated titles coming to their next-gen consoles.

A Long List Of New Titles 👀

First off, a world premiere of Final Fantasy XVI was shown, quickly followed by some stellar gameplay from Spiderman: Miles Morales, as well as a brand new title called Hogwarts Legacy that Potterheads are losing their minds over.

They continued with Black Ops Cold War, which is scheduled to be released this December, as well as a new Demon's Souls game, and Fortnite which will be available at launch.

Last but not least, God Of War Ragnarok was announced and scheduled for a 2021 release.

PlayStation Plus - Revamped ⭐️

The fun didn't end there, Sony followed up their long list of game announcements with the Playstation Plus Collection - a roster of 18 fully playable games that you can download completely for free with a PS Plus Subscription.

These feature many fan favourites like Uncharted 4, God Of War, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Of Us, Bloodborne...the list goes on.

The Release Date 📆

November 12th, 2020. That's 2 months away, only 8 weeks.

In terms of pricing, you'll have 2 options to choose from. The standard Playstation 5 will cost you €499 and the Playstation 5 Digital Edition (no disk drive included) comes in at a super competitive price point of €399 🤯

Time to start saving 💸

If you're a Playstation fan, Sony have very much given you "an offer you can't refuse" in terms of value. A €400 next-gen console, with some long-awaited titles that fans have been asking for, alongside a long list of free critically acclaimed games if you opt for PS Plus.

Will you be buying a PS5? 🤔

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