• Ryan Calleja Urry

New Pro-Choice Political Movement VOLT Seems Armed & Ready To Bring Change To Malta! 👀

Change On The Horizon 👀

Before you ask for a burger and fries, no, Volt isn't another food delivery app 😅

In Malta, there's a constant conversation going on regarding the need for change - in so many different areas. Coming next year, Volt are a new movement here do this! Volt is here to push boundaries, let's see how this goes down... 😬

What? 🧐

Volt is actually not as new to Europe as it is to Malta, being in 29 countries as a mass of 25,000 members. It is seen as a progressive pragmatic movement that was established in Malta by Arnas Lasys back in 2018.

Their primary goals focus on citizen empowerment, social justice, and the digitalization of the economy whilst targetting some deep root issues embedded into our society.

What Do They Wanna Do? 🤷‍♂️

Volt is really aiming for a change with many new and potentially quite controversial choices compared to Malta's traditional parties...

  • Pro-choice stance (this could go down a treat)

  • Malta's hunting laws wanting to in place regulations

  • Immigration laws concerns believing Malta has abandoned any signs of EU policies

  • Sexual health in the #INeedMAP

  • Giving refugees the ability to be self-sufficient

  • Further, democratize the European Union

  • Wants to give more rights to foreigners on the island

  • One way they show this is by supporting the ‘Votes Without Borders’ initiative which enable EU voters to participate in general elections

“The asylum system isn’t fair on border countries like Malta and it does cause tensions”

The #INeedMAP Campaign 😱

One issue Volt wants to focus on and prioritize is sexual health and the selling of emergency contraception such as the morning-after pill.

The #INeedMAP is an example of this focus, it's an online map that shows all pharmacies that sell emergency contraception.

Do They Stand A Chance? 😅

We'd like to think so - it's about time for a fresh perspective...whether the rest of the public will agree is another thing.

For people who don't necessarily identify with the Nationalist Party or the Labour Party, this serves as a fresh option. However, there's always gonna be a huge issue battling the conservative views of the island, along with the overall sense of party loyalty.

“We understand that as a third party we have to do a lot more to be perceived as a viable option, so we’re trying to be active in as many different fields as possible.”

Would you support them and this change they want to bring along with them?

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