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Post-Exam Back Pain? 😫 We're Giving Away FREE Posture Screenings To 10 Lucky Students 🎁

Studying at your desk or practising a sport? 🏈

The Physio Clinic at Anici are giving away 10 Posture Screenings for free through FreeHour!

What is a Posture Screening? It's basically a session with a physiotherapist which you can use to improve your posture, reduce your body pain, or treat / prevent future injuries!

Why Attend A Physio Appointment? 🤔

1) - If You Have Neck Pain 💢

Neck pain tends to be pretty common among students nowadays. Not only are most of us looking at our phones 24/7, but we also have multiple 6-hour study sessions to deal with 😅

2) - If You're An Athlete 🏃‍♀️ ⚽️

The great part about physiotherapy is that it doesn't just treat injuries, it prevents them. This means that students that play sports can significantly decrease their risk of injury!

3) - If You Have Back Pain 🧓🏻

We know, you feel 70 years old at 18, it sucks. Thankfully, you can reverse this problem. Alongside physio appointments & programmes, you could greatly reduce your pain or even eliminate it altogether.

How It Works 🤩

Through posture & muscle analysis, along with the help of muscle dynamometry, muscle imbalances are found throughout the body.

These imbalances help to locate and explain the root of your pain and discomfort.

So then, with the understanding of where your muscles are weaker, you can then be recommended a custom made treatment plan based on your personal results.

Giveaway Details 🎁

It's super simple, all you have to do is tag 2 of your fellow back pain pals in the below post 😅

10 winners will be chosen!

BONUS ENTRY: Share the post to your story & TAG @freehour_malta ⭐️

Contact Details 📞

Message their Facebook for a personal session or call on 9908 1225 😎

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