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Possible School Closures! 🚨 Education Minister Reveals 3 Different Plans For Coming Semester 🎓

Covid, please leave us alone 😞

Yesterday, our Minister of Education Owen Bonnici caught some heat for sharing plans regarding the future of schools in Malta, through the release of certain syllabi.

In these syllabi, 3 plans were talked about, detailing 3 very different futures for students...

Pandemic Planning 😷

Options Below👇

# 1 - In the best-case scenario, schools are to reopen on the 30th of September, completely normally as previously stated by Dr.Bonnici.

# 2 - The middle-ground solution is that schools open on the 30th of September, but with heavy COVID precautions in place. Such as days where only half of total students will attend in order to better facilitate social distancing.

# 3 - Finally the worst-case scenario, schools close for the first term, and open in the second.

Yep, schools not opening is an option we must take into consideration. Depending on how addicted you are to gaming / Netflix - this could either be horrible news or the best thing you've heard since the last lockdown 😅

Following the backlash that Owen Bonnici received for releasing these plans, he promptly responded to reassure the public of his intentions...

In the above post, Owen stressed that his goal was to have schools up and running by September 30th, but that we must also have plans in place preparing for the worst.

Seems fair enough to me 😇

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