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Passion For Teaching? Learn More About Malta’s Dedicated Institution For Future Educators! 📚 🤓

Get Educated & Start Educating 🤓

The Institute of Education, or IfE for short, is an institution whose main goal is to promote Academic Excellence. They do this through the training of educators, by encouraging them to explore fresh approaches in their professional growth and teaching methodologies.

Through this focus on excellence, IfE offer course attendees a far higher chance at increasing employability within the industry.

First Up, Why Be A Teacher?

Maybe it's your dream job, or maybe it's something you've never considered, In reality, there are plenty of reasons one would want to commit to helping foster our youth 👇

#1 - Simply Put, It's Fun 😅 - Whichever ages you decide to teach, it's always interesting and dynamic. Getting bored definitely won't be an issue.

#2 - Helping Shape Personalities 🧠 - Whether you realise it or not, if you're interacting with a young and impressionable group of kids on a daily basis, the way you speak and act will leave an impact on them. Take this opportunity to steer them in the right direction.

#3 - Sculpting A Better Society 🏙 - Following on the last point, as you influence these children positively through your way of thinking & general advice, you'll be setting them up for success in the future, where they'll go out and positively impact the rest of the world.


Choose Excellence, Choose IfE ✅

IfE are an institution driven by excellence, offering a vast array of accredited programmes at MQF levels 4 – 7, targeted at individuals interested in pursuing a career in education.

These programmes offer a different and varied learning experience, through a mix of face-to-face sessions, online and mixed teaching approaches. When attending IfE, all participants will be presented with the opportunity to reflect on the concept of learning, set goals, provide evidence of learning, give / receive feedback and analyse other performances as well as your own, via self-assessment.

Through its online platform, the Institute also offers an online library which is composed of EBSCO, ProQuest and Sage. All these give access to many different books, journals, articles and other academic documentation - so you'll have no problem getting up to speed.

The Institute will also be opening a fully-fledged physical library which will be readily available to course participants in the coming months.

‘’Teachers encourage minds to think, and hands to create. Choose to be a part of something special, choose to be an inspiration to others"

The IfE Mission Statement 📝

‘"The Institute for Education promotes high-quality education for all educators, and fosters learning communities of the highest standard, educational leaders at all levels and instils education with equity and social justice"

Not only does IfE strive to enhance accessibility to professional learning for all educators, they also invest in cultivating skills which enable individuals to rise to the challenges posed by our ever-changing society.

This fosters a philosophy whereby course participants are encouraged to explore their independent potential whilst empowering individuals to achieve personal and collective growth. 

The Institute for Education is licenced by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) as a Higher Education Institution.

Visit IfE and browse all their available courses here 🥰

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