• Daniel Tihn

Summer Jobs For Maltese Students: How & Where To Get One

With Summer slowly approaching for most students, minus the majority of those who took their A-Levels (lucky bastards), it's time that you start bringing in the mula to pay for all your coming beach days and booze binges. Instead of looking at your account and crying over how much stipend you have left, let's look at some ways to boost your net worth UP!

Shops & Catering

Are you desperate for a job? Has your mum stopped giving you money? Are you a masochist who wants to experience pain in every way possible? Well, look no further. Being a store clerk and/or waiter offers shit pay, back-breaking work, and the added bonus of wanting to blow your brains out but hey, it's a job, right? Most shops and restaurants are in need of staff (I wonder why) so if you just go round, you will be surprised how fast you will find one.


Knowing Someone

Although not everyone has this option available to them, it is Malta so everyone knows everyone. By calling in a couple of favours, you could get one foot into the door as you bypass some of the trivial and annoying steps such as emails, CVs, and maybe even interviews. If you are lucky enough, maybe Daddy owns a business, allowing you to work less than most minimum-wage jobs and get paid more for it. Yay Capitalism!


Not Working

Very few people have the luxury of being able to stay at home all Summer without having to work. While some people may resent others for not having to be forced to earn a living, if you have the opportunity to spend the next 3 months chilling then sit back, relax, go for a swim in your personal pool, and enjoy the heat wave.



Interning at a company usually brings a lot of benefits with its work experience, networking, and job exposure but the biggest downside for most internships is that they are unpaid. With the help of Jobsplus, you may be able to get paid through their Work Exposure Scheme where you can get paid minimum wage for each hour you are at your place of work. There are some requirements, so click on this link to see if the internship in question is applicable for the scheme.

This scheme is minimum wage, so don't expect to roll up all ballin' in a brand-new car and Armani jeans. Oh, and it doesn't reduce all the coffee you are going to have to make.



One of the best ways for finding a job, Keepmeposted offers an easy and quick solution for those looking at working this Summer, or any-time of year really. Allowing you to choose between part-time and full-time applications, this site lets you apply filters through their easy-to-use system filled with a wide variety of job opportunities.

Also, by using the FreeHour app, you can look through jobs perfect for students simply by going to the Student tab, selecting Student Jobs, and choosing the type of work you are interested in. The main categories found here are:

  • Catering & Hospitality

  • I.T

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Financial

  • Other

Using these sections, you will be able to further separate the relevant listings by Part-Time and Full-Time.

If you are still interested in the job, tap on the More Info button at the bottom of the screen which will take you too Keepmeposted's site. After logging into your Keepmeposted account (don't worry, you can use your Facebook), you can send an email to the chosen company with a code in the subject field, specified below the email address.


When you do finally get a job this Summer, you will feel rich and think, "I could never spend all of this money, I'll never be poor again!" Think again, compadre. The more you earn the faster you spend, so start saving from now.

What are your plans for a job this Summer? Tell us in the comments below.