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Parrot Voting: Why You Should Vote Responsibly In The Upcoming Election

Power To The People

The word ‘democracy’ has its origins in the Greek language. It combines 2 shorter words: ‘demos’ meaning whole citizen living within a particular country & ’kratos’ meaning power or rule. In short, democracy means power to the people.

One of the core fundamentals of democracy 
is the right to vote - & every citizen of a country is entitled to that right.

Yet as citizens, we are constantly being influenced by what we see online & what we hear from other people - from what to buy to what to read, to even who to vote for.


It's Your Vote. Use It Wisely

Remember that voting, invalidating your vote, or not voting at all, all mean different things & have different impacts on any election. They’re all a choice within themselves & one which you have to make alone. Regardless of what other people think, what matters is what you believe & what you want to do with your vote.

The aim of voting in a democratic society is the principle of having the choice to elect who you believe in & being active in society.

We are well-aware at FreeHour that our demographic has a lot of newcomers to the electoral scene. Being a first-time voter carries
a lot of weight, & it’s important to know that.


The Dangers Of Parrot Voting?

No, this is not a parrot actually voting in an election. Parrot voting is when someone votes for a political party, or certain political candidates, according to what their parents, friends or socio-political system tell them to.

In short, you’re not making an educated decision but “parroting” someone else’s opinion without knowledge of why, how or the consequences of such.

Voting is an individualistic action that only upholds itself in a democracy when people decide to vote based solely on their personal beliefs.


Keep Yourself Informed

  • Look up who the political candidates on your district are & research them online;

  • Read the manifestos of each political party;

  • Read news articles & opinion articles (while being aware how you consume such information);

  • Have an open conversation with other people (even those who you might no agree with). Seeing & understanding other people’s beliefs can help you seeing things more holistically.

How Informed Of A Decision Do You Think You Will Make?


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