• Daniel Tihn

Paddly Are Here To Make Your Beach Trips Safer (And To Give You An Awesome Giveaway!)

You are at the beach with your friends. It's super hot and all you can feel are the Sun's rays hitting your skin. You all decide to go swim but wait, what about your stuff? You can't just leave them lying in the sand, waiting to be stolen by some passing common thief. So you pull straws to see who has to stay with the stuff, all by themselves as you go and have fun in the cool and salty sea water (idk about you, but for some reason I'm always the person who has to stay with everyone's crap).

Thanks to cleverly constructed boxes with secure locks on the front, we no longer need to leave our friends behind with our things, but we can frolic together among the waves.

Who Are Paddly?

Paddly is an app which allows you to book lock-boxes at various beaches and beach clubs around the island. Not only does this let you use their lock-boxes, but Paddly is an easy solution to a common problem as it aggregates all their available lockers in one, easy-to-use app.

When renting out the lockers, you can choose what size of locker you wish to have depending on the location and availability (available at Għadira, Mater Dei, and Café Del Mar), and to make the experience even better, you get to customise the pin you want for the locker to make sure you never forget it.

How To Book A Locker?

Booking a locker is simple but thanks to their brand new 2.0 update, the app is now even easier to use as they have implemented a new and brilliant system for booking their lockers.

  1. Sign into the app using Facebook

  2. Scan the QR code on the locker

  3. Enter the pin

  4. Pay

Giveaway Time!

Once again, it's giveaway time! Paddly are currently giving 5 lucky people the chance to win a free locker for the rest of the Summer, keeping your mind at rest. To be in for the chance at getting this locker (which comes with a free sense of safety and calm while you use it), here's what you have to do:

  1. Go onto Paddly's Facebook page

  2. Find their giveaway post

  3. Tag 3 friends

  4. Share the post

  5. And last but not least, like their page

If you are by chance on the FreeHour app (which you should be to check out all our offers and upcoming events) then you can find Paddly's giveaway at the top of our Student Offers section.

Winners are announced every 2 weeks, so stay tuned to see if you earned that lucky locker.

Don't forget to visit Paddly's Facebook page to be in for the chance to win that free large locker 🔐