• Ryan Calleja Urry

Over 40% Of Students Say They Haven't Received A Single Stipend Payment Since School Started 😱

Not Good 💔

Annoying to say the least. This might come as shocking news to some of you, but believe it or not, there are a high number of students who have still not received their initial maintenance grants - as well as multiple stipends.

We Aren't Sure Either 😔

Considering the fact that the beginning of the school year started more than 4 months ago - it seems pretty insane that maintenance grants haven't been sent out yet.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of different problems being reported by students. From applications not submitting, to missing and late stipends, to the stipends office themselves not offering any help.

Self-employed students seem to not be eligible, stipends are not being received months in a row - and strangely enough, one student has received half their stipend each month 🤔

One Explanation 👇

We do know the root of some of these issues though. One situation is, if a student is working on a self-employed basis, a maintenance grant apparently cannot be issued since their number of working hours cannot be determined...

The Students Maintenance Grants Board has since reached out and requested that these self-employed students get an official letter verifying their work hours, so the board can certify that they qualify for their grant.

Tough Times 😩

It is currently not known as to why this e-mail has taken so long to arrive at students in need.

This is especially unfortunate due to the troubling times caused by COVID-19, as some students were certainly in strong need of their cash 😔

We'll keep you updated.

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