• Ryan Calleja Urry

Save Your Eyes & Wallet With Optika's NEW Back To School Offer 👓

Whether it's what fabric shirt you're wearing, or what colour socks go with your new Yeezy's, fashion is an art form that makes a statement. Nothing is truer when it comes to eyewear. Glasses are a necessity for a lot of people nowadays, so picking the right frames is essential. Now, getting the perfect fit for your face can be difficult, thankfully, Optika are here to help with their great selection!


Who are Optika?

Optika provide some of the highest level eye-wear and eye-care in Malta. By always investing in new technology, Optika are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service imaginable, and has been doing so successfully for the past 50 years that they've been in business.

Optika take eye-health very seriously. In fact they have a whole section of their website dedicated to educating people about common eye conditions, the dangers of UV Rays, what your prescriptions mean, and much more.

Bonus! - Not sure if you need glass, or haven't had a check-up in ages? Optika also offer excellent eye-tests to get you started. Conveniently, they also have free parking, so now might be a good time to go get checked.


Optika's Great Selection Of Brands 🤓

With outlets in Sliema, St. Julian's and Rabat, Optika have you covered in a variety of locations, and the variety doesn't stop there. Optika have a beautiful range of lenses, frames, and sunglasses just waiting for you to try on. They're home to over 20 different high class eyewear brands; made up of luxury, high street, and designer brands. Basically what we're saying is, if you can't find a pair of glasses you like at Optika, you might never find a pair anywhere, ever...

Below are just a small selection of Optika's partnered brands.


Optika's Back-To-School Offer!

Ahhh finally, the fun part. To help students make sure that their ocular fashion is in order, Optika are offering a back-to-school offer so all Maltese students can finally see that damn whiteboard without squinting.

With this offer, Optika are offering free protective lenses with any pair of specs you buy!

These kinds of lenses reduce the amount of blue-light that is emitted from your tv and phone screen from hitting your retina. This spectrum of light is said to cause eye strain, headaches. It's also been noted that people that sport these kinds of lenses experience a better quality of sleep, which face it, we all need.


Interested in sporting some new frames? Considering getting your eyes checked? Don't forget to show the FreeHour app before you buy, to benefit from the student offer! 😁 🕶