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Nostalgia Warning 👀 6 Stages Of A Trick Or Treat Halloween Night In Malta 🎃

Spooky Season Is Here 👻

If you've ever been trick or treating before, prepare to take a trip down memory lane! Here are the 6 stages you've definitely been through on those spooky October evenings 👇

#1 - The Costume.

As usual, I'm choosing my costume 2 days before Halloween, classic procrastination...

Should I be a skeleton? A ghost? Sexy Nemo maybe? So many options and so little time.

Google should help though, right? Hmmm searching "Last Minute Halloween costume ideas" might work...

#2 - October 31st 😈

The night has finally arrived. Currently, I'm at a friend's house with the whole squad getting our face paint done.

Google didn't help me with the costume idea, but luckily a friend suggested that our group goes as the cast of Toy Story, so I'm stuck getting neon green painted on my face because I've accepted my fate as a three-eyed tiny alien.

#3 - The Strategy Session 🧠

What's the goal? Sweets. How do we get them? We plan ahead.

Phase 1 - Hit the quiet streets that are less mainstream.

Phase 2 - Hit the mainstream streets with the "no one's given us candy all night 😭" sob story. The more tears, the better.

Phase 3 - Go through all of the friend group's houses and ask our own parents for sweets that they prepared for other kids. Genius.

#4 - Results May Vary 🙃

Considering we're only an hour in, this year's treat run is going great for everyone - everyone except my friend dressed as Buzz that is, who keeps getting other Buzzes walking up to him and saying "To infinite...and beyooond".

It got tiring after the 3rd time, and it's happened 9 times so far 🙃

The plan has worked to this point though, the quiet streets had some amazing treats, and we were only forced to egg 2 houses that were rude to us. 2 is actually a low number, the tiny green alien costume must be working...

#5 - sPoOky o'ClocK 👀

It's around 11pm now, and we've had a few accidents to say the least.

First, we were mistakenly stopped by a squad of policemen, who took roughly half of our sweets on the basis of us being "too loud". We later realised the boys in blue were actually older kids that were just dressed up as policeman. Painful to say the least.

Next, we lost one of our friends to a neighbour who insisted that she used to teach him piano private lessons when he was younger - in the meantime - the group took it upon ourselves to kindly decorate our most annoying teacher's house with some of LIDLs finest toilet paper.

#6 - Park Rendezvous 📍

At around 1am, we regrouped at the swings.

All things considered, it was quite a successful evening. Sure, I was laughed at for being possibly the only alien that is cuter than it is dangerous, but it's fine, I'm proud of my costume. (I'm definitely not proud)

We spent the rest of the night trading sweets & chocolates between us, arguably the highlight of every great trick or treat session.

How Many Sweets Are Too Many?

There's no such thing as too many sweets, which is exactly why I've carefully hidden every possible treat from my family. Hopefully, this stash at least lasts me until Christmas, because a chocolate a day advent calendar just isn't enough 😅

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