• Daniel Tihn

No Smoking Allowed: Watch As A Maltese Bus Driver Smokes As He Drives His Tallinja 🚬

As we all know, smoking inside or while driving with people in the car is a no-no. But we do live in Malta, so all the rules can just be thrown out the window, set fire to, and forgotten about. So, you are driving a bus, exhausted, fed up of shouting "Move Bak" and "Go bak to yor contry" to all these damn foreigners; it only seems right that you get to relieve that stress a little right?

Last night, Reddit user u/Andresico4k posted a video of a Tallinja driver smoking as he was driving his bus. While they weren't in the same bus as Mr. Smoker (he was in a bus on the opposite side of the road), you can clearly see him taking a drag through the window, the night only illuminating the cigarette's red tip.

With smoking while driving being illegal, smoking while driving a bus full of people (which could include kids, pregnant women, people suffering from asthma, etc.) is most definitely not allowed.

What's going to happen to him? Will he be fired or will Tallinja fail to recognise his wrongdoing, maybe even ignoring the incident? Tell us what you think in the comments. 🚌