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NEW Spongebob Spinoff Show Officially Confirmed - And It Stars Patrick As A Late-Night Host?! 😲😂

NoOo thIS Is PatRicK 🥴

Could it be? Nickelodeon's very own sidekick starfish? Headlining his own show??!

Yep 🤩

If you're a long time fan, you finally get to laugh at fresh scenes of stupidity in beautiful 2020 animations - not saying that Patrick is stupid or anything, but let's be honest, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed...

"The Patrick Star Show" Show 😅

Okay so get this, in this new show, Patrick has his own show.

Think Jimmy Kimmel, but more star-shaped...

So, how will Bikini Bottom's dimmest fish perform as a late-night host you ask?

We're not too sure honestly, but we're definitely excited to see what the show creators come up with, the same show creators by the way, from the original Spongebob - so you know it's gonna be good!

"The Patrick Star Show" will take place in the same universe as the original Spongebob Squarepants series, meaning that Spongebob himself may pop in for some adventures here and there. The show's focus will be on "Patrick and his family" though, alongside a fresh new cast of characters of course.

The show’s first season will reportedly span 13 episodes. Interestingly enough, there's also another spinoff project rumoured to be in the works, titled "Kamp Koral", a prequel to the original Spongebob series.

With regards to a release date for Patrick's late-night news, we don't have any official dates yet. What we do know though is that voice actors are already recording their lines 🤗

Hopefully, this modern rendition satisfies allllll of our childhood nostalgia - and fans love it as much as they loved the original series, which has been on the air for 18+ years by the way.

One thing's for sure though...

We're rooting for you buddy 💖

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