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New Candidates 🚨 A Quick Breakdown Of The UM Senate Elections Starting Next Week 📚

Voting Season ✅

Starting next Tuesday, the 15th of December, Senate elections will be taking place at the University Of Malta. Election affairs will start up at 9 am and run all the way until 9 pm.

The Senate? 🤔


If you weren't aware, the Senate is set up in order to handle the studies, teaching and research within each Faculty.

The Faculty Board directs the academic tasks of each Faculty and presents plans and proposals to the Senate, who work hand in hand with the UM Council.

These Boards then determine the regulating of student studies, research, documentation and teaching. Entry regulations & examinations at the University of Malta are also established by the Senate.

Here Are The Candidates 👇

The Undergraduate Candidates are Martina Cassar & Thomas Galea, and the Postgraduate Candidates are Matthew Xuereb, Keith Grima, David Mallia 🥇

Martina is a 3rd-year law student who's worked in multiple student organisations in the past, and her goal is to facilitate a deeper connection between university and student.

Many of Martina's peers share this goal, like Thomas Galea who has been a student activist for many years now. He along with the rest of the candidates have repeatedly mentioned that communication between UM's students & faculties needs to be strengthened significantly.

In these candidates eyes, a consistent exchange of student problems and student solutions must be taking place on a regular basis at UM.

Another candidate for example, Matthew Xuereb (who has served as president of KSU), has pointed out how unfortunately only 12% of Senate members are currently students, a number that should ideally be far higher in order to properly reflect student needs and student voices being heard.

A Post Covid-19 Strategy 🧠

Being that we have entered a "new normal" due to COVID, these elections are especially important as the students chosen will be the ones taking decisions through what may be the most trying times in recent memory...

Vote wisely! ❣️

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