• Ryan Calleja Urry

Netflix's "Money Heist" Announce Comeback With Brand New Season 5, Plus One More HUGE Surprise 👀 🍿

Season 4 of Money Heist has only just dropped on Netflix yet the show has already reportedly been renewed for a fifth season. Want even better news?

You're not gonna believe this but....

There's gonna be a 6th season too 🤯

According to the Spanish news & culture site MARCA, the Netflix hit show will get a 5th AND 6th season. Apparently, a renewal agreement was made even before the fourth season dropped on Netflix - looks like the directors are going on a Money Heist of their own 😂

Just a warning though, although it's possible that part 5 could come out in 2020 - it isn't super likely. With the current pandemic interrupting filming all across the entertainment industry - we'll have to stay patient 🙏

Bella ciao 😉

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