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Need Quick Meals For School? Get Cheap & Healthy Pre-Prepared Meals From Waistnot! 😁

Why Waistnot?

Waistnot meals offer a practical & appetizing choice for those looking to monitor their calorie intake, whilst offering a large variety of delicious meals to choose from!

The Waistnot meals are carefully developed under the watch of a nutritionist to cap their total calories under 500. Coupled with an active lifestyle, these meals compliment the diet plan of those who want to monitor their intake of food according to their own goals.

By knowing the caloric value of the meal, those looking to gain or lose weight can structure their meal plans for the day far easier. Also, the Waistnot meals need just a few minutes of heating, so if you have a bit of a busy schedule, these are a perfect solution!

available exclusively on Wolt.

These mains are at just €3.50 each on Wolt, and are delivered sealed & frozen.

Simply heat up & enjoy!

#1 - Chicken Bites With Peas & Yellow Rice - 464 kcal

#2 - Sweet & Sour Chicken With Rice - 489 kcal #3 - Wholemeal Penne With Beef Soy Bolognese - 357 kcal

#4 - Spinach Spaghetti With Garlic & Kale Pesto - 479 kcal

#5 - Ricotta Farfalle With Grilled Asparagus - 476 kcal

#6 - Southern Spiced Chicken Fillets With Rice - 413 kcal

The below are at just €2.50 each

#1 - Cream Of Leek & Potato Soup - 151 kcal #2 - Broccoli & Spinach Soup - 84kcal #3 - Mushroom Soup - 100kcal

#4 - Pumpkin Soup - 150kcal #5 - Pea & Bacon Soup - 98kcal #6 - Minestrone - 121kcal

They’ve also got a 3-Day-Plan, including 6 meals of your choice for just €19.75 - a well as a 5-Day-Plan with 10 meals of your choice for €32.95.

Say Goodbye To Fast Food!

You can get Waistnot exclusively on Wolt - so the next time you're browsing for a burger, maybe make the healthier choice for the day! 😅


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