• Ryan Calleja Urry

Launch Of EU Green Deal Roadshow Promoting 2050 Climate Neutral Continent Goal 🌟 🌍

Going Green 💚

The European Commission Representation in Malta has just recently teamed up with the swimming record-breaker Neil Agius and the NGO Wave of Change to officially launch the EU Green Deal Campaign.

Marked by a beach clean-up launch event at the Bugibba jetty, the campaign will take place over a number of weeks.

The overall goal is to provide a better understanding of the European Green Deal - which is the European Commission’s road-map towards achieving the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 - and how every individual can play their part to reach this ambitious goal.


Dr Elena Grech, Head of the EC Representation, highlighted the timeliness of the campaign and referred to President’s von der Leyen’s recent remarks on the Commission’s environmental commitments, saying:

“The fight against climate change will be one of the topmost priorities of the European Commission this year."

The EU will be increasing its climate finance contributions by $4 billion until 2027, and doubling its funding for biodiversity. The President has stated that each country has a responsibility towards the environment, but we as individuals can also do our part.

Events like these create community and serve as eye-openers to the challenges facing our environment, from local to global.


Multiple Initiatives ♻️

As part of the campaign, the Representation is collaborating with various national authorities and local entities to organise loads of outreach events.

These include a theatrical production addressing young children, which was inaugurated during the Science in the City Festival in Valletta.

The production will be performed in sixty schools in the coming months.

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