• Daniel Tihn

Move Bak: A Maltese App That Allows You To Terrorise The Streets As A Maltese Bus Driver

Malta is infamous for its busses, more specifically their drivers. While becoming a bus driver may not be every students' dream job, all of us want to have a Freaky Friday-like situation and switch with a bus driver just for a day. Well, thanks to 2Fold Games, you can now experience the trials and tribulations of picking up passengers and making it back to the Venda as fast as humanly possible through their cute and easy to play game, Move Bak.

Move Bak, Please!

If you are waiting for a full VR experience where you get to literally scream "move bak" to passengers (and "go back to your country" to all those dastardly foreigners), then you may have to be a little more patient. But if you are interested in a quirky, simple to play app where you only have to tap on either side of the screen to control your classic yellow bus, then boy do I have the game for you.

2Fold Games have created a cute, geometric-styled game that offers quick & fun levels as you bus through our thin and winding roads, picking up passengers and dropping them off at the Valletta terminal.

Hold On For Dear Life

The game starts with a stereotypical, kind, and friendly bus driver greeting you with the classic Maltese phrase, "Aw King!" (In fact, maybe the least realistic thing about the game is that your introductory companion is speaking in fluent in English unlike their real-life counterparts). He teaches you the mechanics of the game, which are that you need to tap on the left side of the screen to turn left and tap the right side of the screen to also turn left (lol, wouldn't that be funny).

He also explains how each level works, instructing you to pick up as many passengers as possible in the fastest time possible, adhering to Malta's strict bus timetable that is always followed, at all times, never coming late nor early, ensuring you never (ever) miss your bus.

That Sounds Cool, Is It Free Though?

Yes, 2Fold Games has release Move Bak on iOS and the Google Play Store for free, letting everyone join in on the fun yet with a small catch. The game has 15 levels and starts you off with 50 'tickets' (1 ticket is equivalent to 1 play), yet when you run out of tickets, especially if you are terrible like me, then you will need to spend €1.09 on 20 more tickets to get to the end of the game. You can also spend €2.29 for 50 tickets or €3.49 for infinite tickets, yet with the current amount of levels and their difficulty you shouldn't need to go that far.

You can download the app on iOS and Android, so tell us what you think about the game in the comments below.