• Ryan Calleja Urry

Mosta's 230 Works Are Back With 2 NEW Offers - Just In Time For The Upcoming MATSEC Exams 🎓 😁

Time to get focused 😎

If you haven't heard of 230 Works yet, (seriously?) they're one of Malta's finest Premier Co-Working Cafés, sporting a super modern and unique aesthetic...


Your New Safe Space 🥰

3 questions, 1 answer: 230 Works.

230 are Malta's leading Co-Working Café, with a long list of lifesaving benefits for students, from amenities, 👇

Worried about COVID measures? 😷

Fear not, 230 have adapted their environment to suit all recent regulations. From socially distanced desks, to hand sanitisers placed all around the space!


Non-Stop Savings 🤑

2 offers?? Yep.

1 - The Summer Offer - Groups of 4 people pay for the price of 3, meaning just €7.50/hr 💰

2 - The August Rates - Remember the €4 / hr price for unlimited snacks & drinks? It's now been chopped to just €2.50 an hour, for all customers not just students 😍

With some top offers, top student benefits and a fully safe workspace - 230 Works have truly created the perfect area for students to get away and zone in on their studies.

Ready to escape distractions and get focused on your studies? Visit 230 Works below 🌟

Good luck with your exams ❤️


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