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Most Common Job Weaknesses & How To Improve On Them

All human beings have flaws - we’re not perfect & that’s ok! When it comes to the workplace, it’s important to know your strengths… & be aware of your weaknesses.

Working on your weaknesses is part of the challenge to improve yourself. So, don’t take weaknesses as a bad thing. Rather, see them as room for growth & things you can work on!

Here’s a few common job weaknesses that you yourself might struggle with, along with some tips on how you can to improve on them.

1. Always Saying Yes 😁

Having high performance levels at work is an important thing, but taking on too many tasks is not the best thing for yourself either. You can only do so much.

Plus, you don’t want people to get accustomed to you always saying yes to more & more tasks - you’ll end up buried with tasks and burning yourself out.

So, take on as many tasks as you’re capable of doing while also taking care of yourself. It’s all about balance.

2. Working Alone 👤

Everyone needs their space but when working as part of a team, you do need to learn to how to collaborate & coordinate with others.

Working on your own can lead to some issues in the workplace, for example, miscommunication & disorganisation.

Ideally, it’s good to find middle ground. You can work on tasks on your own (and ask for help when you need to!), while also trying your best to still be involved with the team & collaborate with others.

3. Too Negative 😪

It’s easy to just look at the problems in front of you & feel annoyed about the situation, but it takes strength to think positively & try to solve the issues.

Being too negative can leave an overall bad feeling in the entire office too. Negativity is not productive, so change your mindset to help yourself get right on track.

4. Lacking Communication Skills 🙊

When dealing with colleagues & clients, you’ve got to do a lot of talking. If you’re not good at communicating simple tasks to someone else, then this could become a problem in the workplace.

When trying to explain yourself or communicating with other people, the top 3 things to keep in mind are; 1) take it slow, 2) be clear, 3) be direct. Say what is on your mind in a respectful manner.

5. Disorganised 😥

And finally, if your brain is a mess & your desk is a mess, you’re most likely a disorganised person. This means you don’t reach deadlines, you have a million things going on & you’re probably trying to juggle too much.

Take a step back & start prioritising. Make a task list & take things one step at a time. Organisation is a skill you need to work on but it will continue to improve over time.


Weaknesses are not as bad as you think - they can help identify the areas you need to improve in & are important things to consider to actively work to overcome your shortcomings.

So, by understanding the problem & presenting a solution, you can continue to grow through your work!

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